Imlie 9th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie 9th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Aryan thanks her and doubts if Imlie will like it. Jyoti says it’s strange that he doesn’t know about Imlie’s choices and doubts about their compatibility and him adjusting forcefully with Imlie. He says he married Imlie with his wish and is not compromising. Nila silently enters the room and keeps one candle under the curtains and hides behind it. Jyoti says their choice is same and they think same. Aryan says Imlie is different than everyone and he likes her. Jyoti notices shoes behind the curtain and finds one there. Aryan thanks her for the arrangement. She walks away thinking soon Aryan will realize that Imlie and her are not compatible with each other ad will choose her.

Imlie returns home in a shocking state recalling Nargi’s accident and critical condition. Aryan asks how are the candles smelling and seeing her in a panic state and blood on her sari gets worried for her. She hugs him tightly and describes the whole accident incident. He calms her down. She says she tried a lot to save Nargis, but she slipped into coma and is a crtical condition. Aryan comforts her and promises to take care of Nargis. She apologizes him for not informing him beforehand about her delay. He sasy its okay. Imlie notices candles and asks if there is a power cut. He says there are backup generator in this hosue. She asks why are these candles for. He nervously says he got them for her thinking she will like it, anyways he will clear them till she freshens up. She says is okay and apologizes her for not noticing them. He says its okay as she went through a lot today.

He makes her sit and says he will get a coffee for them. She starts her usual nok jhok with him and with her long blabbering says he cannot prepare coffee, so she will assist him. They enter kitchen. He picks up coff mug. She continues blabbering. He looks into her eyes and says if he left any words or work incomplete. He says his words are incomplete even now. He tries to get coffee from a coffee maker and says the coffee maker takes time to start. She says he didn’t know about it before. He denies at first but then agrees. She laughs. Jyoti watches them hiding and feels jealous. Imlie continues laughing. Aryan changes the topic and asks if she and Madhav are covering some don’s story and warns that they both need to be careful. Imlie says Madhav is covering most of the story. She then says he should thank Jyoti for getting candles and leaves kitchen.

Sundar fixes his wedding photo on a wall and tells Arpita he thought his photo is only important in adhaar card, but after marrying her, he felt his real life than adhaar card. Arpita feels happy and rests on his shoulder. Narmada enters with a night lamp for them and gets emotional seeing their happiness.

Jyoti gets jealous seeing Arya and Imlie’s closeness and thinks she should plan better next time. She calls her husband Harry and taunts him to visit his girlfriend Nargis. Harry says Nargis is not his girlfriend. Jyoti says Nargis had challenged her and she she taught her a nice lesson. She thinks next time unverise will listen to her and she will succeed in killing Nargis next time. Madhav walks to her and asks her to call Imlie. She asks who is he. He leaves nervously saying he will speak to Imlie later. Aryan walks to her and asks if someone had come. She drops her mobile in shock and says a body had come asking for Imlie, she felt a negative vibes from him. He tries to pick her mobile when he hears Imlie shouting and rushes towards her.

Imlie walks to her room and seeing curtain catching fire collapses in fear. Nila comments that Jyoti will be blamed for the fire accident. Aryan rushes to room and closing the door sets off fire with water.

Precap: Aryan extends his hand towards Imlie.
Imlie feels drowsy. Aryan lifts her up. Jyoti gets jealous seeing that.

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