Imlie 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Tripathi family packs their belongings and walk out of Tripathi house holding their bags. They get emotional. Aparna gets emotional remembering the day when she came into house after marriage and Radha welcomed her. She continues speaking emotionally and says she cannot leave this house. Malini says she has to as it belongs to Imlie now. She takes Aparna’s bag and walks towards car when Imlie enters and takes Aparna’s bag and says they all will not go from here. Malini asks if she is doing this to humiliate h er. Aditya says he thought he showed her mirror already and he doesn’t need her favor. Imlie says she is speaking to her family. Malini says if she genuinely cared for T family, she would have asked her boyfriend to transfer the house in any of the family member’s name, but she wants her name everywhere and hence transferred it in her name.

Imlie says she didn’t ask who her father was and since she came in this house 1 year 4 months ago, she didn’t show her right on her husband, then why would she show her right on this house. Aditya says he doesn’t have time for her lecture and asks family to get into car. Imlie asks where will they go and who will handle them. Malini says her mother will. Imlie describes problems in T family and asks will her mother tolerate it. She ten walks to Aparna and says she didn’t claim her right for months and today proudly claims that she is T family’s daughter and they all should stay in their daughter’s house. Aparna agrees. Radha says even she is followed by Rupali and Nishant. Aparna tells Harish that a mother agreed to her daughter’s demand, even he should. Imlie requests Harish next. Harish cries hugging her. Imlie says they have a lot of work pending and need to redecorate their house and takes family in. Aditya tells Aparna that she cannot do this. Aparna says he cannot differentiate between dear ones and outsiders and will repent when he does. Aditya walks to his room.

Malini fumes seeing that and thinks whole family loves Imlie more than her, she needs to reclaim her right in her sasural. A courier boy delivers Malini’s parcel and she finds her returned cheque. Aryan calls her and asks if she visited race course anytime, many people bet there, some win and many lose, her loss was obvious as she bet against Imlie. He challenges that she bet 5 crores to make Imlie alone, but he would more than what she can to save Imlie’s relationships, and if she doesn’t mend her ways, she will lose everything.

Imlie gets her first salary. She rejoices and calls PGD to share her happiness with her mother Meethi, but when Meethi doesn’t pick her call, she thinks whom to share her happiness with. She shares it with her each colleague singing and dancing and seeking congratulations from them. Aryan walks out of his cabin. She hugs even him and says she is happy as she got her first salary. He congratulates her. She says she needs to talk to him. He asks her to wait in he cabin and goes out. She calls Meethi and expresses her happiness. Amma also rejoices and asks her to submit part of salary to Devi maa. Imlie gets emotional and says she wants to give her whole salary to her boss to repay his loan, and since her mother has first right on her salary, she called her. Meethi says she herself has her first right on her salary. Imlie asks shall she pay the first EMI then. Meethi says no.

Precap: Aditya holding Malini’s hand wlaks to Aparna and tells her that they will leave the house in 1 week. Aparna collapses hearing that.

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