Imlie 7th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie 7th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie warns Nila to dare not try to ruin Sundar’s dream as she saw her trying to ruin Sundar’s biodata. Nila yells at Imlie. Aryan supports Imlie. Nila yells that Imlie is falsely alleging her. Jyoti tells Imlie that even if the biodata is spoilt, it can be reprinted. She says Sundar will get a job based on his capability, so she shouldn’t waste her anger and instead pray the universe for her friend. Arpita asks Aryan who is this modern sadhu mata. Aryan says she is his college friend Jo/Jyoti and introduces family members to Jo. Nila asks Jo when she is sharing so much gyan, she should say if kakdi/armenian cucumber or kheera/cucumber is more beneficial during summers. Jo says earthen pot which keeps the water cool and gives her explanation.

Nila asks her if she is married. Jyoti says she is a divorcee but finds happiness in sorrows and light in darkness, thatis why her name is Jyoti and the universe is on her side. Aryan says he likes her positive nature and feels sorry for her. Imlie says he need not feel sorry as even he would have gone through tough situation before getting the person he deserved. Aryan looks at Imlie. Imlie takes Jyoti to her room. Arpita wishes Sundar all the best for his interview and he leaves. Gudiya tells Nila that something is wrong with Jyoti.

Imlie drops Jyoti to her room and praises her that she is really calm and composed, but she can’t control her anger and sometimes vents it out on everyone, especially on Aryan. Jyoti asks her to not vent out her anger on Aryan if she loves Aryan as there should only love between them and not negativity. She then gives her explanation again which confuses Imlie. Imlie gets a call from office and leaves. Jyoti also also gets a call, tries to control her anger, and picks the call. She thinks she will end the reason for her negativity forever from her life, that is the reason universe listens to only her.

At office, Imlie checks Madhav’s file and praises him that he has learned everything quite soon. She says Pagdandiya citizens are very talent and soon there would be scientists and other prominent personalities from Pagdandiya. Aryan calls Imlie. Imlie asks if he is fine and starts her usual argument with him. He asks where is she. She says she is at office and asks him to visit Bhaskar Times sometimes instead of sitting at home. Aryan says he is missing his Mrs. Imlie falls down in shock. Aryan says she took his Mrs, his car, along. She says he has many cars and can trake any one of them. He asks her to come home as he wants to have coffee with her. They both feel nervous and shy. Madhav asks her to go home as he will handle the work. Imlie shyingly tells Aryan to tell his coffee that she is coming and leaves office.

Imlie walks towards her car recalling the quality moments spent with Aryan. Pal Ek Pal.. song plays in the background. She gets into car and drives it towards home. She gets afraid suddenly noticing a car speeding towards her car but then hitting another car and speeding away, severely injuring the girl in the car. Imlie rushes out of to help the girl. Jyoti is the one who crashed her car and injured the girl and drives away noticing Imlie helping the girl. Imlie asks girl’s name. Girl says her name is Nargis. Jyoti recalls meeting Nargis. Nargis confronts her for spreading rumors that she had an affair with Jyoti’s husband Harinder. She further reveals that Jyoti is still stuck with her obsession for Aryan and married Harinder to make Aryan jealous. She warns that Jyoti cannot harm Aryan and his wife Imlie. Jyoti challenges that she doesn’t care about Imlie and will get back Aryan at any cost. She the thins she ended both negativity and Nargis today and will reach Aryan soon by killing Imlie.

Imlie gets tensed seeing Nargis losing consciousness and rushes her to hospital. Aryan waits for Imlie with coffee mugs. Jyoti returns. Aryan notices shopping bags and asks about them. She says she cleared her old problem and went shopping to celebrate. Aryan says she is so sweet, but Imlie is always anry. Jyoti asks if Imlie gets really angry. Aryan recalls the incidents He notices candles in her bags and asks if she plans to open at spa at home. She says she will create a positive energy between him and Imlie and make them express their feelings for each other. Aryan says he himself will whatever he wants to and walks away. Jyoti thinks she will make him realize that she truly loves him and not Imlie.

Precap: Imlie notices fire in Rathore mansion and collapses due to suffocation.

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