Imlie 7th June 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie 7th June 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Aryan angirly holds Harry’s collar thinking he tried to scare Imlie. Jyoti stops him and says Harry is her ex-husband. Madhav enters house to meet Imlie. Jyoti tells Aryan that Harry had called to apologize her, so she got emotional and called him home. She apologizes him for not informing him before inviting Harry. Harry apologizes Aryan. Aryan says his wife is scared seeing a shadow outside her room window and asks if he had gone there. Jyoti says he didn’t and says she saw Madhav instead. Aryan leaves. Jyoti slaps Harry. Harry says he shouldn’t have picked her call and recalls Jyoti seeking his help and threatening him to harm even him like she harmed Nargis. He thinks he will not let Jyoti harm his sister-like Nargis. Jyoti threatens Madhav that he didn’t leave after finishing his work and hence is forcing her to get violent. He asks why don’t she tell everything to Aryan. Jyoti orders him to kill Imlie.

Aryan notices Madhav in Imlie’s room and angrily tries to hit him for entering his house and trying to scare Imlie. Imlie stops him and says she called his friend Madhav home. Aryan gets more angry and says she doesn’t know who her real friends are. Harry pleads Jyoti that its wrong to kill someone. Jyoti gives an example of a rose plant in a vase uprooting it completely and says they should get rid off the problem completely or else it will crop up again. She says she tried to create misunderstanding between Aryan and Imlie, but they are closely bonded and hence its better he kills Imlie forever. She says he has to kill Imlie if he wants a complete freedom.

Aryan continues to vent out his anger and says Madhav doesn’t deserve to her friend. Imlie says he is misunderstanding Madhav. Madhav gets tensed and requests them not to fight because of him. Imlie asks Madhav to go home and holds Aryan. Madhav leaves. Aryan angrily tries to bang his hand on a table when Imlie stops him and says she will cry if he tries to harm himself. Her tear falls on his hand. She says she knows he doesn’t get jealous of any of his friend without any reason and asks why he thinks Madhav is bad. Aryan says Madhav’s intention is bad. Imlie says he knows Madhav since before, then how did he became bad suddenly. She asks him to tell what really happened.

Imlie hears Mirchi’s sound and rushes out. Jyoti kills Mirchi. Imlie searches for Imlie and gets emotional when she doesn’t find him. Aryan consoles her and says Mirchi is strong like his amma/Imlie and has gone to touch new heights. Imlie cries that she cannot lose any of her dear ones now and will lose her life if anye of her dear ones separate from her again. He hugs her and says it would not repeat again. He gets a call and says Imlie will cover this event. She asks what. He says he is her boss now and says she needs to cover a children’s social media event at 8 a.m. and will submit her report by 12 noon. She says its wrong and he is purposefully ordering him as a boss. He says he is and asks what will she do. She gets romantic. He reminds that he is her boss now and she can meet her husband after 6 p.m.

At night, Aryan is busy working on his laptop sitting on the bed. Imlie reminds him its already 10 p.m. and gets romantic. He kisses her cheek and says she can sleep now. He thinks he cannot reveal her about his medical condition and her being wronged by Madhav, thinks she changed him and he cannot lose her. He hears a glass breaking sound and walks out to check. He notices Jo and asks if she is fine. Jyoti says she came to have water and dropped water glass by mistake. He helps her pick glass strands and one of it pricks his hand. She asks him not to ignore his pain and uproot it out completely. He think s she is right, he needs to investigate Madhav and find out truth without Imlie knowing about it.

Jyoti returns with bandage and asks Aryan what is he thinking. Aryan says he is thinking about her and can notice her pain. She says she stayed back for him and can understand the pain he is going through with a third person’s entry in his and Imlie’s lives. Aryan hopes Jo and Harry clear their differences and reunite, says she can stay at his house till she wants though as she is a family now. Jo thinks things will set right between her and Aryan instead as Imlie will die tomorrow.

Precap: Imlie covers children’s event when Harry hides behind a tree and shoots her.

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