Imlie 6th June 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie 6th June 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Madhav falls down while holding a broken chair. Imlie calls his name out of concern and asks if he is fine. Imlie asking Madhav if he is fine. Aryan misunderstands Madhav and holding his collar shouts how dare he is to hurt Imlie. Imlie stops him and asks why he attacked Madha. Aryan says he thought Madhav will hurt her. Imlie says Madhav fell down, so she his name. Madhav says he can never harm Imlie as she is from Pagdandiya and his first friend in Delhi. Imlie apologises him on Aryan’s behalf and asks him to leave. She then questions Aryan why he attacked Madhav while he never accuses someone without any proof. Aryan says she befriends anyon easily and spends time with them without knowing about their background and should be very careful.

Imlie says he didn’t appreciate Madhav today during the employee apprecaition award function as he has has problem with Madhav. Aryan says he didn’t as Madhav just recently joined the job. Imlie says Madhav already completed 3 assignments with her. Aryan says maybe he was helping himself and not Imlie. Imlie replies he cannot be selfish as wants to climb the ladder of success with his hard work. Aryan says he is selfish for for you. Imlie asks him to trust Madhav, but he tries to avoid the topic. Imlie says he should treat all his employees equally.

Aryan calls Jyoti and tells her that he wants to watch a CCTV footage where Madhav is buying sleeping pills for Imlie. Jyoti gets tensed thinking how will she arrange a a fake footage. She calls someone and seeks help. Imlie doesn’t talk to him in anger. They both have mind talks without uttering a word. Imlie hopes Aryan doesn’t ask her about the night of sting operation night. Aryan thinks how will he find answers to the questions running in his mind that Imlie is pregnant while he is infertile, Imlie is hiding about the sting operation night, and even Madhav is also not telling anything. They both at once say that they don’t want to argue. He says they can go on a date if she wants. She says she is not in a mood to fall in a swamp again.

He kisses on her cheek and tries to leave for work. She says she wants to attend office with him as Madhav needs her help in assignment. He says Madhav will write his own report today. She asks why is he so angry with Madhav. He says he is getting late for work. She tries to click his photo saying she wants to watch her baby’s father’s photo and wants the baby to become like him. He walks away before she could click his pic.

Arpita with Sundar and Narmada ask how should her baby should look like. Imlie says she wants her baby to have the qualities of each family member and describes each of their best qualities. Nila with Gudiya walks to them and yells that Imlie didn’t take her name. Gudiya says she can look at her prettiest face if she wants the baby to be pretty. Arpita jokes on her. asks everyone to have lunch and tries to provoke Imlie against Aryan saying that she should join her work to be self-reliant as Aryan doesn’t want her to fulfill her dreams. Imlie warns her that will not hear any word against her husband as he encouraged her always to fulfil her dreams. Jyoti frowns and thinks why Aryan and Imlie’s bonding is so strong. She plays a victim card and says work was her strength and way to cope up with her grief after her husband ditched her. She suggests Imlie to call Madhav home if she cannot attend office. Imlie agrees and goes to goes to call him.

At the office, Aryan learns that Madhav went to his house. Imlie tries to feed her pet parrot Mirchi and it flies all around. She gets scared noticing someone’s shadow outside her room and screams. Aryan rushes to her and asks if she is fine and goes out to check. He questoins his family if they saw anyone in the house. Aryan finds a man in the living room and grabs him by his collar. Jyoti stops him and says he is her ex-husband. Aryan leaves his collar.

Precap – Aryan asks the man if he went to Imlie’s room. Jyoti denies and says she saw Madhav going to Imlie’s room instead. Aryan gets angry. Aryan tries to hit Madhav asking how dare he is to enter his house and frighten Imlie. Imlie stops him.

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