Imlie 5th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie 5th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie tells Nanda that Arpita overweighed the dowry items, so Chanda has to take Arpita home. Nila pushes off empty carton boxes and says these are empty like Imlie’s intentions. Nanda creates a drama and shouts its a cheating. Sundar says just like she cheated him. Arpita asks Narmada if she was a burden for her that she gave dowry to send her ouf of the house. Narmada cries and apologizes Arpita saying she just wanted to see her happy. Aryan stops her. Sundar says his mother should apologize instead for her greedy behavior. Nanda says he is humiliating her in front of rich people for giving him birth. Imlie says Nanda humiliated Sundar by hurting his self-respect by asking for a dowry. Nanda orders Sundar to cancel the wedding right now and accompany her. Sundar denies and asks her to leave.

Aryan says he should thank Sundar repeatedly for supporting Arpita and his family. Sundar says he did what a husband should do for his wife, Aryan should thank Imlie instead who told him truth. Narmada thanks Imlie and says she shouldn’t have done this under pressure. Imlie says a mother does everything for her children, so she need not apologize. Narmada hugs her. Panditji alerts that wedding muhurath is passing by. Imlie says let’s go. Gudiya tells Nila that they should enjoy the wedding feast and forget the drama. Nila frowns. Sundar and Arpita’s wedding rituals start. Aryan throws flowers on Imlie while throwing them on Sundar and Arpita. Sundar and Arpita’s wedding completes. Arpita emotionally takes Narmada’s blessings and hugs Aryan and Imlie.

Aryan with Imlie goes to bus stop to drop Meethi and asks why she doesn’t want to go in his car. Meethi says she came by herself and will go by herself. Imlie gets emotional and asks if she is fed up of her daughter so soon. Meethi says she can never be fed up of her and says now Imlie has got a life partner who will truly support and love her, they both should leave peacefully and let the rest on Seeta Maiya. Imlie and Aryan gift her a new phone. Meethi tells Imlie that she is lucky to have Aryan as her life partner, pampers her, and leaves in bus. Nila calls her goon and orders him to execute the plan. Gudiya asks if she doesn’t have money to pay goons. Nila notices Gudya’s jewelry and gets a plan.

Imlie gets excited seeing Bhajan group. Aryan asks so what. She insist to dance with the group. He denies to permit her. She starts dancing while he tries to control her and says he is ASR and will not dance in front of everyone. She asks him to keep his status and ego aside and dance with her. He agrees seeing her drama. She drags him along. Arpita asks Narmada to give her some money to feed poor. Narmada asks her to take it from the locker. Nila steals money before Arpita enters room and hides beside the cupboard. Arpita finds some money missing and finds a few notes on floor. She gets Sundar’s call and leaves.

Aryan dances freely with Imlie with the bhajan group. A smoke spreads around them, and Aryan feels uneasy and leaves. A mysterious lady holding a smoke pot heads toward Imlie. Imlie bumps into a saint who warns her to be careful as there are other devotees around. Imlie apologizes him and says they both can bump into others. Saint warns her that her happiness is not long-lived.

Precap: A mysterious lady walks towards Imlie.

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