Imlie 4th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie 4th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Aryan requestions Arpita why she has to leave after marriage and not stay with im. He says he will change the system and will keep her with him. He further says when Arpita will become mother, she will forget him and will love only her kids. Arpita asks if he will not love her kids when they will call him Mamu. She wipes his tears, and emotionally hugs her . Imlie holds Aryan’s hand comforting him. He thanks her.

Narmada checks the dowry items and asks the servant to reconfirm if all the items are available. Nanda with Nila walks to her and threatens that tilak ritual won’t happen if anything is missing from the dowy list. Narmada reads out each item in the list and asks the servant to shift all the items to Sundar’s new house and make sure that nobody knows about it. Nanda says she will call her son for tilak ritual now. Imlie comes there and noticing 3 of them asks what are they doing here. Narmada says she is checking the pooja ingredients and walks away. Imlie gets suspicious.

Wedding rituals start. Aryan and Imlie’s nok jhok start. Panditji calls for a gatbandhan ritual. Narmada asks Imlie to perform the ritual. Imlie performs the ritual and tells frightens Nanda that she has called the police and Nanda has to answer the police now about dowry. Nanda gets afraid and says she doesn’t want to get arrested and pleads Imlie to send back the police. Nila also gets afraid hearing about police and blabbers she doesn’t want to go to jail. Imlie reveals they demanded dowry and confessed their crime. Sundar is surprised to hear about dowry. Nila yells at Imlie and alleges her of trying to break Arpita’s wedding again to usurp all the wealth herself. Sundar says he will complete the wedding.

Nanda questions what is wrong if she fills her house with a bit of dowry. Narmada requests Imlie to let the marriage happen. She starts her emotional speech and asks why an educated pretty girl like Arpita is not enough for Sundar and a few lifeless things are more valuable than a human, etc. She then announces that no dowry will be given from this house. Nanda yells at Imlie to keep a widow’s dowry to herself and orders Sundar to get out of mandap. Sundar denies. Nanda warns to punish him like in childhood. Imlie says Sundar is not a kid anymore and takes care of his expenses, he himself can take his life’s decisions.

Imlie questions again if lifeless stuff if more valuable than Arpita and says they will weigh Arpita on one side and the dowry stuff on the other side, Nanda can take the one which is higher. Nanda happily agrees. Narmada asks Imlie why she is interfering when she is ready to give dowry as a gift. Aryan supports Imlie and asks Narmada to let Imlie complete her words. Nanda tellls Nila that dowry will weigh more than Arpita. Nila says she shouldn’t understimate Imlie. Arfptia weighs heavier than dowry. Imlie says Imlie says Arpita’s simplicity is heavier than all dowry, recalling removing all the stuff from the carton boxes and packing the boxes empty. Nila says she knows about Imlie’s tricks and pushes the boxes from the scale. She says Imlie took out all the dowry from the carton boxes.

Precap: Imlie dances during a religious procession when she notices a mysterious lady walking to her.

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