Imlie 28th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie 28th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie helplessly walks to Baba again after Narmada’s warning. Nila tells Gudiya that Narmada used to get worried for Imlie even if Imlie incurred a scratch and now herself is forcing Imlie to Baba’s torture. Baba asks Imlie to cut her hand. Imlie picks up the knife and feels scared to slit her hand. She then asks him to demonstrate on himself first as she knows only to cut vegetables. He warns her to stay away. Imlie then asks Nila to demsontrate it on herself. Narmada scolds her stop stop wasting time and respect her in laws.

Imlie says if she had known that she can’t become pregnant, she wouldn’t have married Aryan, but since it’s Seeta Maiya’s decisoin, she needs to accept it. She further says she wants to keep this pain to herself and never trouble anyone. Nila asks her to stop her lecture and execute her task. She forcibly trries to cut Imlie’s hand. Aryan tells Arpita tht he wants to focus on Imlie as she is emotionally disturbed right now. Arpita suggests him to always love Imlie and never change himself. Aryan reaeives a phone call and stands shocked. He rushes ot Baba’s ashram, stops the superstitious ritual by breaking a pot, and asks Imlie if she is fine. Narmada scolds him for coming there and stopping the ritual midway. He asks if she has any idea that she is supporting an illogical and unscientific act.

Narmada warns him not to question her faith. She says she just asked Imlie to give her blood for the ritual. Aryan says if she had asked Imlie to sacrifice her life, she would have done that happily, but but thankfully Narmada didn’t do that. He says he will cut his hand instead and sacrifice his blood. He tries to cut his hand, but Narmada stops him and throws away the knife. She kisses his hand and scolds him for tryingg to harm himself. Nila says Imlie has defects in her and not Aryan. Aryan replies that if someone can’t do what others can’t, that doesn’t make them incompetent. He thanks Jyoti for informing him about this drama on time or else he wouldn’t have been able to save Imlie. Jyoti says its her duty to protect them from negativity.

Back home, Aryan and Imlie’s nok jhok starts showing concern for each other. She hugs him emotionally. He asks her to promise him that she won’t doub’t herself believing to people’s baseless talks. She says the truth is she cannot give him a child and a heir to Rathore family. He shuts her mouth and writes on a on a stamp paper that he will never leave her alone during her difficult times and will always love her. Imlie asks wha if he leaves her some day. He says he will give her a relaxing foot massage. She says a head massage every Sunday and wash clothes on alternate days. He accepts and smiles. He says not everyone will understanding their bond with Narmada’s confusion and Nila provoking Narmada and hence their future journey would be very tough. Imlie says Arpita and Sundar will always support them. He agrees.

Precap: Imlie feels drowsy while performing ritual in the temple and collapses. Narmada rushes to her concerned. Ladies says she fainted as she is pregnant. Aryan shocked learning that he is infertile and thinks how did Imlie get pregnant then.

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