Imlie 24th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie 24th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie bites her own prepared food and feels uneasy. Aryan and Arpita get concerned for her. Imlie spits out the bite. Jyoti silently takes the bite from her hand showing her fake concern. Imlie feels nauseous and rushes to the bathroom. Nila says something is wrong in the food. Sundar says he jokes at Imlie, but she prepares tasty food. Narmada gries to taste the food. Jyoti stops her fearing her conspiring would be exposed, herself tastes it, and says Imlie prepared really tasty food. Imlie returns from bathroom and says she is fine and just felt dizzy and nauseous. Gudiya starts her drama and says this shouldn’t have happened to Imlie. Nila asks her to stop her drama. Gudiya says Imlie has symptoms of pregnancy. Nila loudly says good news. Family is stunned hearing it.

Imlie rushes to the bathroom with a pregnancy kit. Jyoti thinks Imlie is sick as she spiked her food. Narmada tells Arpita that if what she thought is true, she will be grandmother, Aryan a father, Arpita an aunt, and Sundar an uncle. Arpita and Sundar rejoice to hear that. Narmada asks Aryan to go and check on Imlie. Aryan stands outside bathroom and thinks he cannot be a father so early before Arpita becomes a mother, but he has to respect Imlie’s feelings and accept it. Imlie finds the kit positive and thinks Aryan would be the best father for her baby. She walks out of bathroom and shows the kit to Aryan. Aryan smiles and reveals Narmada that she is becoming a grandmother. Arpita excitedly hugs Aryan and expresses her happiness for him. Sundar expresses his happiness for Imlie and hugs her. Narmada thanks Imlie for the new good news.

Aryan imagines taking care of Imlie, Narmada performing her predelivery rituals, Imlie delivering a baby and Aryan pampering it. Arpita shakes Aryan and gets him out of imagination. Jyoti congratulates Imlie. Later, Nila packs Jyoti’s clothes and says she should leave the house as she failed to separate Aryan and Imlie. Gudiya says Imlie and Aryan became parents within a week and would soon become parents. Jyoti angirly pins her to a cupboard. Nila stops her and asks what else is left now. Jyoti says still the baby is not born, she knows how to separate them.

Aryan and Imlie busy over phone bump into each other. They at once ask each other to be careful at least now. Aryan says he had to save her alone before but now has to save her and her child. Imlie says her baby can hear everything and she doesn’t want her baby to recognize her father as akkad bagga/arrogant. She nicknames her baby as Kichu. He says its a weird name. She says she doesn’t know if its a baby girl or boy. He says Chiku is better. She argues. He says he will let his kid becomes whatever it wants to and says let him take care of his pregnant wife now. He further discusses that bearing child should be a woman’s decision, etc. Gudiya gets jealous seeing their chemistry and tongue lashes Jyoti that she cannot harm Imlie now. Jyoti says she already did her job and will only think good for herself. Aryan tells Imlie that she can call her baby Chiku, Kichu or whatever she wants to and asks her to get into the room while he brings their laptops to work from home. Nila asks Jyoti what did she do. Jyoti manipualtes door handle and says as soon as Imlie touches the handle, she will get into trouble. Imlie extends her hand towards the door handle.

Precap: During goad bharai ritual, Imlie asks Jyoti if she will not give her any gift. Jyoti says she will. Swing breaks down and Imlie falls on the ground.

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