Imlie 21st May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie 21st May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Aryan tells Imlie that they spoke everything except one and asks if she can say that. She asks him not to go. He feels disappointed. She says he knows what she wants to say and is trying to gather courage, even then he is trying to make her feel bad. He smiles and says he is doing exactly the same and asks what will he do. She recalls saying same words. She nervously says she is Imlie from Pagdandiya and Aryan Singh Rathore’s wife, her fire stays within her and she gets courage from her husband. She gets closer to him and kisses his cheek and says even she loves him. Aryan enjoys the moment with closed eyes. Bahon Ke Darmiyaan.. song pays in the background. Imlie holds his face and says I love you and then happily hugs him tightly. Song continues to play in the background.

Jyoti returns to jungle and not finding Aryan and Imlie there thinks Aryan must have saved Imlie. She questions forest officers if they found 2 people in jungle. They say they didn’t get any information, but fill find out. Jyoti gets angry thinking she cannot let Imlie get Aryan as he belongs to only her.

Back to light house, Aryan makes a dry grass bed for Imlie. Imlie says she wants to click a pic to show that a multimillionaire is making a grass bed for her. He says its good that she doesn’t have a mobile. He makes her sit on the grass bed and says he will find more grass for himself. She stops him and says there is heavy rain outside, so he can sleep on the grass bed with her. He lies next to her nervously. They both turn towards each other. Imlie then gets nervous and sits. Aryan says he snatched her wish once and wants to know if he is her choice now. She lies back saying he is her choice for her whole life from hereon. They both get intimate. A romantic song plays in the background.

They both wake up after some time and sit nervously. He asks if she is fine. She says yes and asks if he is feeling good with what happened last night. He nervously blabbers. She feels shy. He smiles. His phone rings. He says phone is fine now and picks Narmada’s call, but finds network issue and says they should go now.

Narmada calls Aryan and finds his number not reachable. Jyoti tells everyone that she tried to search Aryan and Imlie everywhere but couldn’t find them. Nila starts her drama and says Imie must have taken Aryan to her village. Narmada gets worried for Aryan. Aryan with Imlie returns home and says he is fine. Narmada feels relaxed and scolds Aryan. Aryan describes about the whole incident that happened last night. Gudiya says that is why Jyoti couldn’t find them even after knowing their location. Aryan feels shocked hearing that and asks Jyoti why did she come there when she know he had gone with Imlie on a date. Narmada says there is nothing wrong it as Jyoti was worried for him. Imlie sneezes. Aryan takes her in.

Nila and Gudiya scold Jyoti for failing in her plan. Jyoti says they didn’t notice that Imlie was sneezing, recalling cutting the tree. She says Imlie would have fallen ill and Aryan would have been busy taking care of her whole night. Gudiya asks if she doesn’t watch movies where a boy and a girl get intimate if they stay together at night. Jyoti angrily breaks water glass and shouts it cannot happen.

Precap: Imlie admires Arya and thanks him.
He says he didn’t do anything special. She says love…

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