Imlie 1st June 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie 1st June 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie tries to wake up from her hospital bed. Nurse asks her not to wake up as her husband and baby both are fine. Imlie says she doesn’t know her husband, he must be very worried for her. Aryan walks to her and hugs and asks if their life cannot be normal, recalling the fire accident. She says they both can handle any hurdle if they are together. He asks how can be so confident in life and informs her that got a promotion and is now Bhaskar Times Executive reporter. Imlie rejoices and says even he got a promotion. Aryan says he cannot be more than a CEO of his company or else will become god. She emotionally says he really got promotion and reveals that he is going to become a father. He is surprised to hear that and asks if its true. Imlie says Sundar and Arpita took her to 3-4 doctors who confirmed that she is pregnant. He emotionally hugs her.

Nurse tells Aryan that he needs rest and should return to his bed. Aryan says he is fine and one bed is enough for him, his wife, and baby. Imlie forcefully sends him to his bed. Doctor walks to Aryan with his reports and informs that he has problem in his fertility report, his sperm count is very low and hence he cannot become a father. Aryan is shocked to hear that and thinks is it possible when Imlie just now informed him that he is going to be a father soon. Imlie shows Meethi and Narmada’s photos to her unborn baby and says they will love her/him a lot, Arpita will love him/her immensely, Aryan will get discipline in his life. She says his/her baba will tone done his stubbornness with his/her arrival, etc.

Jyoti panics hearing about Imlie’s pregnancy and thinks its good that Imlie still trusts her, she doesn’t have any enmity with Imlie but just wants Imlie and her baby to stay away from Aryan. Aryan passes by ignoring her. She calls him. Doctor asks her if she is from Rahtore’s side and informs that there was some confusion as Aryan’s infterfility got exchanged, he is not infertile. Jyoti thinks that’s why Aryan was upset. She rejoices thinking even the Universe is in her favor, she will not lose this chance and will send Imlie out of Aryan’s life.

Back home, Sundar bumps on Arpita. They both hide gift boxes. Narmada asks what’s happening. Arpita says their surprise is revealed. Aryan walks in and asks them to stop it and angrily tells Imlie that she doesn’t deserve anything, but today will get what she deserves. He drags her towards door3 and says he made a mistake by misunderstanding his love and now realized his true love is standing in front of him, looking at Imlie. Jyoti rejoices and then realizes it was her imagination.

Aryan asks Imlie why she spoilt the surprise and gives gift box to Imlie. Imlie says even she bought gift for him and kept it with Sundar. Arpita jokes that now Aryan will wear a diaper. Imlie says he will learn to change the diaper. Aryan complains Narmada and asks if he will change diapers now. Narmada smiles and says he should. Sundar says whether its a baby girl or boy, it will come to him always.

Aryan walks aside and asks lab over phone to send reports to his house. Jyoti senses the opportunity and tells that she saw his infertility report and tries to provoke him against Imlie that she cheated on him. Aryan says these reports are falxse and he has given sample in another private lab and is waiting for the report. Jyoti thinks how can Aryan be so intelligent and asks him to relax and think about parenthood. She take his phone in lieu of showing him parenthood tips and checks lab name. She then thinks she knows what to do now.

Narmada receives reports and is about to check when servant calls her to check the food and she leaves. Jyoti silently exchanges the reports. Aryan walks to her. She eats the original report silently. Aryan asks if she checked his reports. She says Narmada was checking it and she was trying to stop her as she doesn’t know what is in the reports. Aryan checks report and drops it in shock. Jyoti acts as concerned and asks what happened. Aryan says he cannot become a father and walks away. Jyoti thinks Aryan can be only hers and not Imlie’s.

Arpita says she will organize baby shower for Imlie. Narmada says goad bharai and argues with her. Sundar says both are same. Jyoti brings sweets for them. Madhav walks in and congratulating Imlie says he ordered Pagdandiya’s special laddu hearing about her pregnancy. Imlie feels happy and shares laddu with Arpita. Nila yells at Madhav and asks why is he showing his happiness unnecessarily when Imlie has her in-laws for that. Imlie says Madhav is from Pagdandiya and obviously would rejoice for her. Imlie hatches a plan.

Precap: Jyoti provokes Aryan against Madhav. Aryan watches Imlie and Aryan feeding laddu to each other and walks towards them.

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