Imlie 19th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Imlie 19th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Aryan looks into Imlie’s eyes. Imlie asks why is he hesitating to speak when he is always in a hurry and straightforward. Aryan feels anxious and says this is his life’s biggest truth and he knows that she knows about this truth and its difficult for him to speak, even then she is forcing him to say it. She walks closer to him and asks if he will say or not. He says he is Aryan Singh Rathore and can express everything without a word. She asks how. He gets more closer to her and dances with her looking into her eyes. Ye Tera Zikr Hai Ya Itr Hai.. song plays in the background. Imlie feels shy and walks aside.

Jyoti enters with a saw and cuts the tree house’s pillar. Tree house breaks, and Imlie falls towards a bog. Aryan holds her hand and tries to pull her up. Jyoti thinks let Imlie go. At Rathore mansion, Sundar prepares a special dinner for Arpita and serves her. Nila taunts Sundar that family’s son-in-law is wasting time in the kitchen instead of working outside the house. Arpita replies that when she and Aryan don’t have any problem with it, why does she brother. Sundar tries to manage the situation and offers Nila to have his prepared dishes. Narmada joins them. Gudiya says she doesn’t know if Aryan had dinner or not as Imlie wouldn’t have served him food. Nila says her Gudiya is so worried for Aryan and asks Narmada to call Aryan and find out. Arpita asks her to stop interfering and give them some privacy. Nila yells at her and orders Narmada to call Aryan.

Aryan struggles to pull Imlie up. He thinks the tree house cannot bear their weight, he will push Imlie towards the pole and himself will fall into the bog. Ilie’s hand slips and she falls down on the ground first, hitting her head, and then slips into the bog. Aryan jumps into the bog and searches for Imlie. Tree House also falls into bog. Narmada calls Aryan repeatedly and finds his number switched off. Arpita says maybe there is no network. Nila yells that Imlie must have asked Aryan not to pick his mother’s call. Arpita asks her to stop provoking Narmada against Imlie. Sundar asks Arpita to calm down and enjoy the dinner. Jyoti returns home. Sundar asks her to tell them to speak positively. Jyoti says they will get positive energy with positive thinking and goes to burn camphor.

Aryan gets unconscious Imlie out of the bog and performs her CPR. Gudiya asks Jyoti why she came alone and didn’t bring Aryan and Imlie along. Jyoti silently burns camphor. Nila asks if her plan failed. Jyoti says she cannot understand what she means. Gudiya asks what she really did. Jyoti says soon Aryan and Imlie will separate. Aryan pleads Imlie to open her eyes and asks why did she come into his life and became his partner. He continues expressing his feelings for her and crying hugging her.

Precap: Aryan cries holding Imlie and says he loves her.

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