Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Sai tells Ashwini that she wants to just concentrate on her studies and career and doesn’t need anyone in her life at this time. She says she gave her immense love as a mother and will always remain in her heart, takes her blessings, and walks away asking to take care of herself. In jungle, Sada tells his aide that Shruti loves him more than herself and even Virat always keeps his promise. Aide hopes it was true and says he sent his men to check and found out that Shruti has move on with Virat and Virat has given his name to her and Sahas. Sada says he can’t believe it and asks aide to find out Virat’s address. Shruti tells Virat she wants to shift to an ashram where nobody identifies her and she can peacefully lead rest of her life. Virat says her own men will find her and kill her and Sahas, so he cannot let her go.

At college, Sai’s friends meet her and ask how is she feeling. Sai says she is fine and her fever has subsided now. They says they are talking about news about her husband, he is getting famous for the wrong reason. Sai says even she reads newspapers and is not bothered about it, they can talk about studies or she is not interested in any other topic. They say they are worried for her as she must be feeling emotionally labile while her husband is enjoying with another woman. Sai says she is bothered about only studies and is determined to get gold medal even this year. Pulkit hearing that praises her spirit and seeing her mangalsutra missing says now she has truly kicked Virat out of her life and is ready to move on. Sai says she doesn’t want to hear that name again.

Shruti says Virat sacrificed his family for her and Sahas. Virat says he feels guilty for killing Sada. Shruti says she could meet him because of that and says Sada would have let Sahas stay in jungle itself and not bothered about his education or future, but he is taking care of Sahas’ future. She thinks that is why she is getting attracted to him. Sada searches Virat’s address. Shruti starts crying and says her respect for him has increased, he is a very good man, and she cannot stop thinking about him. He tries to calm her down. She hugs him tightly. He tries to calm her down and is shocked seeing Sada. Shruti also is shocked to see him alive. Sada gets angry seeing that and remembers his aide’s words. Virat gets emotional and says he is so happy to see him alive and is free from a guilt of killing his friend. Sada says he took over same friend’s wife and son. Virat says he was taking care of them in his absence as promised. Shruti says Virat is right, he took care of her and Sahas in Sada’s absence.

Sada says he saw them hugging each other, if Shruti fell in Virat’s love in his absence. Shruti gets tensed thinking how did he find it out. Virat says Shruti is going through an emotional turmoil like any other person in this situation and he was just consoling her, he asks Shruti to tell him truth. Shruti stands silent lowering her eyes. Sada asks why don’t she looking into his eyes and angrily holds Virat’s collar for betraying him. Shruti tries to intervene, and Sada pushes her away. She falls on table, and Sahas’ birth certificate falls down. Sada gets more angry seeing Virat’s name in Sahas’ birth certificate. Virat says he was just helping him and suggests to surrender. Sada denies and says Virat wants to get rid off him as he is the hurdle between him and Shruti. Shruti says he is thinking wrong. Sada drags Shruti with him. Shruti frees her hand says she doesn’t want to go back to jungle for her son’s sake and wants to surrender instead.

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