Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 31st May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 31st May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Sai’s lawyer gives Sai’s bail papers to Virat and reveals that according to Malhar’s post-mortem report, he had consumed alcohol before his death. Samrat says Malhar must have done with medicine reaction with alcohol. Virat excitedly gets Sai out of cell. Samrat happily hugs her and says her brother cannot be wrong always. Sai hugs Virat next and asks Virat to not spare Jagtap who killed her Aabha.

At home, Ashwini refuses to have food worried for Sai. Sai returns home with Virat and Samrat. Ashwini asks how is she and pampers her. Pakhi taunts that Sai just got bail and still isn’t acquitted of the murder charges. Bhavani yells that Sai shouldn’t be let inside home, but her 2 bodyguards Samrat and Virat always protect her. Virat says Sai will soon be acquitted from the murder charges.

Jagtap with Vittal and his goons tries to walk in. Virat warns him to stop right there as it’s his house. Jagtap ignores him and walks in with his team, leaving Chavans in shock. Vittal sits on the main sofa and says Virat has a beautiful house. Jagtap jokes on Virat. Sai warns him to get out of her house. Jagtap laughs that she has a big family. Sai warns to dare not eye on her family and get out. Bhavani asks Virat who are they. Jagtap says Sai killed his brother, but cannot introduce him to her family. Samrat says Said didn’t kill his brother, so he should stop alleging Sai.

Jagtap continues joking on Chavans and calling Bhavani as old woman says he is Malhar’s brother. Vittal says Jagtap wanted to marry Sai. Jagtap furher reveals that he killed Sai’s father. Sai gets more angry and shouts at him. Jagtap walks towards her when Virat, Samrat, Mohi, and Rajiv protect Sai. Jagtap laughs and challenges that no one can save Sai from him. Jagtap threatens to dare touch them and warns that he will send them to jail if they do so. He pours water upon himself and says the doctor suggested him to pour water on himself to cool down. Karishma and Pakhi get afraid seeing him slapping his aide. Samrat and sonali comfort them.

Omkar warns Jagtap how dare he is to enter his house. Jagtap threatens to stab him. Omkar gets afraid and shivers in fear. Vittal laughs on him. Bhavani yells that Sai’s old lover is threatening them. Vriat angrily pins Jagtap to a sofa warns him that when a pious man leaves his piousness, he doesn’t care about goons. He shouts at Jagtap and warns to shoot him right away. Jagtap laughs and says he is like him. Virat says he faces goons like him every day and knows to handle them, throws him out of the house saying they will meet in the court.

Jagtap says he is coming from the court and gives court orders to Sai. Sai is shocked to read court orders to compensate Malhar’s family with 5 crores. Virat comforts her and assures her that she doesn’t have to pay any compensation if she is proven innocent. Jagtap leaves with his team. Pakhi and Bhavani start blaming and yelling at Sai as usual for their problems. Sonali backs them and warns Sai to keep Chavan family away from them.

Precap: Sai warns Jagtap that she will take revenge from him for Aaba’s murder. Jagtap says she doesn’t have to pay anything if she gets intimate with him. Sai angrily breaks the phone.

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