Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Agastya throttles the guy and says I gave you everything. And you couldn’t do your job? he says I did everything I kept an eye on her 24/7. I killed anyone who came near her. I paid people to get things done for her. I bribed and scared her friends. Even shoved that guy from terrace. I punished myself when I couldn’t find her. If you think that was less you can kill me. Agastya leaves him. He falls down and coughs. Agastya says I kept an eye on her every second. I had to make her mine. Why.. Why did he come to her life. How can she love someone else? That Ishaan.. What does she see in him? Is he good looking? Rich? What was less in me?

Scene 2
Pakhi says I am stalker types. He says yeah. I am not active on social media. Follow me. She says I don’t follow anyone. You follow me. He says I will do it when I am in mood. She says I get many requests. He says so I am lucky. Pakhi says I won’t follow you back. She picks her phone. Ishaan holds her hand. The food is served. Ishaan tucks her hair behind ear. Pakhi cleans his lips with napkin. Ishaan holds her hand. Pakhi coughs. Ishaan gives her water. She says ice cream gives me cough then Agastya gets mad. He says isn’t he too possessive? She says he cares. You should meet him. He says he’s a big man. Pakhi says no.

Agastya says how can he love her? Can he protect her like me? Can he love her like me? Can he do everything for her? Pakhi calls him. Agastya says hi. Pakhi says I want to meet you right now. I’ve some connection with ishaan. He’s become so special for me. I want you to meet him. I know you would want me to go slow. But love is like this. Will you meet him? Agastya says yeah sure.. I will make it very special for you. He laughs.

Scene 2
Agastya’s sister and niece come. His niece says let me say nice to him. Dadi says he’s not well. Meet him tomorrow. Mona says your nani only cares about Agastya. Dadi says come tomorrow on breakfast. They leave. Dadi is worried for Agastya.

Agastya says she’s to realize her mistake adn know that he isn’t her special person. I am the special person in her life.

Scene 3
Pakhi says thank you for the date. He says so you wanna say that tonight was special for you? Pakhi says bye. She says yes it was. Pakhi leaves.

Pakhi comes home. Her mom says have food. She says I had it already. Her mom says with Agastya? She says no. Her dad says with the guy who dropped you? Her mom says who? Sami says don’t question her so much. Her chacha says I’ve to tell him. Pakhi looks at her teddy and says it’s going so fast. But he’s boyfriend material. THank you universe for getting me trapped in that castle. I see him everywhere. Agastya says I’ve seen you every year. You will see my craze now. He breaks the glass. His hand bleeds.

Scene 4
The next morning, Ishaan is in his office. The nurse says there’s a patient. He wants to see you only. Agastya says but I’ve kids’ doctor. Nurse says he wants to see you only. Agastya comes in He shows his wound. He says it’s deep. Agastya says yes. Ishaan says how did you get it? Agastya says beautiful flowers give you wounds. Ishaan says let me dress it. Agastya says in heart I am much better than him. Ishaan prepares the bandage. Agastya picks a knife.

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