Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Bulbul says make me a cheese sandwich. Mira says shut up. She says okay then I am going back. Mira says stop. Bulbul says tell me in the room when breakfast is ready. Mira goes to the kitchen in anger. Dadi says don’t mess with her. You’re playing with fire. She says I am a spark. go rest, she will make breakfast. Mira tries to cook in the kitchen. She says see what I do to this Bulbul once I get all the property. Yug says what will you do? She says I will kill her. She thinks I will pay her 2 crores. Mira comes to Bulbul. Bulbul says stand and talk to me. Mira says to cooperate with us for 3 days. You’ve to walk and talk like Pakhi. Watch her videos. Pakhi sees the videos. SHe says I can do this any time. I am an artist. I think you will get a lot of money. If your family knows I am Bulbul then why this drama? SHe says you’ve to pretend in front of the world.

Agastya says where is my friend? I won’t eat this medicine. My best friend says I am brave. I don’t need to eat this. Naveli says to Dadi Agastya is getting a lot better. Bulbul says eat a little medicine then you will be perfect. Mira comes. Agastya says can we play hide and seek? Bulbul says sure. They both play. Mira says you won’t decide what happens in this house. Bulbul says I am Pakhi, then this house is mine. I will rule this house right. Got scared? Agastya and Bulbul laugh at her. Agastya gets scared. Bulbul says we will all play she asks Yug to go out and find people. Everyone hides. Agastya kisses Bulbul’s cheek and says thank you. Everyone hides.

Bulbul and Agastya hide together. Yug says come out everyone. No one will get foood. They all come out. Agastya tells Bulbul he feels very good when she’s around. He says you’re very pretty. Agastya sees the ipad and sees his old videos with Pakhi. He says that’s me. He sees flashbacks. Agastya panics. He’s confused. He keeps looking at the flashbacks. Agastya recalls Mira shooting her. He faints. Bulbul is confused. She says Agasstya? He says Pakhi.. don’t kill Pakhi. I won’t let anything to Pakhi. He cries and goes out. He screams Pakhi..He says Pakhi.. don’t kill her, please. He says you killed Pakhi. Everyone is shocked. Yug tries to take the ipad from him. Agastya cries and faints. Bulbul says open your eyes. She says to bring water. Dadi says Agastya.. He holds Bulbul’s hand. He says did my new friend go? Bulbul says no I am here. He says I fell asleep. Who won the game? Bulbul says we won. Dadi says yes. They both laugh. Mira grabs Agastya’s shoulder. He gets scared. Mira says take Agastya to my new room. The nurse takes him to the room. Agastya says we will play cricket tomorrow. Bulbul says this is just the start. See what I do next.

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