Choti Sardarni 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Choti Sardarni 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Karan says who will resolve your fights? Seher says we are close. Rajveer says she will keep fighting with me.
Khushi laughs. Robbie and Harleen come and ask what are you doing? She says yoga. Harleen says get out of all this. You’ve to stop all this. Khushi says I’ve to stop Raj. Harleen says you can’t do it without family.
The kids stop Rajveer and say you won’t go. Khushi told them Rajveer is leaving. They’ve to stop him. Rajveer says I will tell you a story every day and come to meet every day. They say promise? Raj says yes. Khushi is sad.

Scene 2
Seher and Raj pack their bags. They get teary. The song yaadain plays. They come dowstairs. Seher says mama papa please keep blessing us. Rajveer says this family has given me best days of my life. Kulwant hugs her and says call me every 30 minutes. Seher hugs her and says we would keep coming. Rajveer hugs her. He says smile now. Seher and Rajveer leave. They come to the gate. There are chains. Seher is confused. seher says Khushi di, nice one. Don’t prank on us. Khushi comes. Seher hugs her. She says you can’t go. Dolly says let them go. Param says they will keep coming. Kulwant says let them go. She holds her hand. Khushi says no. Kulwant takes the key and opens the chains.

Seher and Rajveer hug Kulwant and leave. Khushi plays Prince’s video call. He says mama if you don’t bring dad I will leave the house. Khushi says I will find papa. Don’t cry. He says don’t talk to me. She says prince listen.. Raj and Seher stop. Khushi says I will find papa. Seher says hi Prince, I am your aunt. We will find your dad soon. Raj says I am your uncle. We will find your dad soon. Prince says are you my dad? Everyone is shocked. He says am I your son? Say something. He says mama is he my dad? Khushi says say it for him. Please. Rajveer says what? Seher says you are his father figure. Say it please. Rajveer says yes I am your dad. He says yayyy I found my dad. He says thanks mama. I want to meet him soon. Khushi says you will meet him soon. Khushi says thanks Seher. He was so lonely. You promised me you will help me find his dad soon. Find him and then go, please. I need you.

Seher says to Rajveer we should stay here till we find Prince’s dad. Rajveer says we will go after Param’s wedding. Don’t worry. Seher says thank you. Kulwant says wonderful. Devika isn’t happy. Kulwant says we will all celebrate here. she hugs them. Harleen says I know Khushi did this drama.

Scene 3
Prince asks Khushi is he really my dad? I wanna live with him. She says yes. We will live with him soon. Avinash comes. He says hi champ., Prince says avi we will live with my dad soon.

Harshdeep sends Babbar mansion’s jewelry and keys for Seher. raj reads, your dida. You will always be choti sardarni of babbar mansion. This broch is for you only. Kulwant says to Seher you will make us proud. Rajveer makes her wear it. Rajveer says no one could be better than you. Param says you will be like our mama. Khushi says I am Raj’s soulmate and to be wife. He will give this broch to me himself.

Precap-Khushi says I am Khushi, Raj’s soon to be wife. Rajveer says Khushi, what are you doing with this broch? I saw you stealing it from our room. Seher comes there.

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