Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 7th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Chikoo Ki Mummy Door Ki 7th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Nupur saying sorry Mini to call you Chiku. Mini says its fine, I m trying hard to become Chiku. Nupur says no, I feel guilty, so I miss Chiku, you don’t need to become like her, I feel guilt conscious. Mini recalls Chiku falling down. She asks what shall we do if we didn’t do anything consciously. Nupur says we should accept the mistake and rectify it, else we will always regret, I regret a lot that Chiku isn’t here because of me. Everyone comes to Sameer’s house. Kamini asks Nupur to get sweets from the car. She locks Nupur in the car and asks her to stay there till they come. Nupur shouts. Sameer meets everyone. Deepu asks where is my angel, Archie, I said yes for marriage by hearing her name. Kamini says Tai you gave good training to Deepu, but beware. Sameer says Archie’s class is going on, you can meet her later, I have seen your profile, its good, do you like kids. Deepu pretends good and tells him about the orphan Mini. She says we love her a lot. Nupur shouts for help. Tai also praises Deepu. Sameer says there are differences between dolls and kids, parenting isn’t an easy thing.

Deepu says I know I m the best, Archie will say the same. He says nice, but you are young and beautiful, unmarried, why do you need to become a mum of someone else. She thinks you are the best to give me a luxurious life. He says you should think of your decision once. She says I have already thought a lot and came here, I want to show something to prove my commitment. She shows Archie’s name tattoo on her hand. Pushpa says this wasn’t needed. Deepu says I regard Archie as my daughter now. She thinks all your bank balance will be mine. Pushpa says she has won my heart. Deepu tells Nupur’s lines to impress them. Kamini smiles. Pushpa asks Sameer to agree. He says Archie is my priority, if you accept her as your daughter, then I have no problem. Tai says congrats, when should we keep the engagement. Nupur gets dizzy in the car. Chiku comes and opens the door. Nupur sees her and smiles. Chiku asks are you fine, how did you get locked. Nupur hugs her in joy and says sorry, I was finding you since long.

She cries happily. Tai says we should hug now, Pushpa ji…. Nupur brings Chiku there. Chiku shouts Papa. Everyone gets shocked seeing her. Nupur holds Sameer’s collar and calls him a liar. She says you have hidden my girl here. Pushpa asks who are you. Aai says Chiku used to stay with us, we were finding her, how is she here. Pushpa says she is my granddaughter Archie, we aren’t hiding her. Nupur says she is my Chiku. Pushpa says we have proof, she is our Archie. She shows the pics. Nupur says anyone can make pics, I don’t believe this proof. She asks Chiku to tell her name please… Chiku says Archie. She hugs Sameer and says he is my dad, I m Archie Khetan. Milind looks on. Pushpa asks Gajal to get the medical file. Milind and Aai check the documents. Tai says this isn’t needed, Nupur’s daughter was lost 7-8 years back, she lost her mind, then she gave her place to Chiku, when Chiku was lost, Nupur lost her mental balance. Nupur says I m not mad, they are making us mad, she is our Chiku. Kamini says don’t make her Chiku. Nupur says I understood Chiku, you are angry on me, I had sent you to boarding school, I m so sorry, I promise I will never do this, please don’t do this. She cries and says please come with me, don’t do this. Sameer looks at her shocked.

Sameer says I promised Archie that I will never lie. Nupur prays for Chiku. Pushpa says Archie didn’t identify Nupur, how can we make her go away. Chiku says I know that aunty, her name is Nupur.

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