Bhagya Lakshmi 6th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Risi getting angry in the cave. He finds Juhi and asks her to come. Lakshmi thinks to go inside the resort and check. Rishi sits and asks Juhi why did she shout? She says she shouted as he shouted. Rishi hopes nothing wrong happens. Juhi says you came to save me, but you are scared yourself. He says you shouted, not due to fear. She says I am a girl, but not stupid. She says Mamma will beat me, if she sees me. Rishi reminisces Lakshmi and tells that they shall shout for help. They shout for help. Balwinder’s friend thinks to call and inform him that Rishi is here. Balwinder is shown in the dhaba, resting in the dhaba and enjoying the drink. Manager asks him to leave. Balwinder tells that he is working here, as his time is bad due to Rishi, and says every dog’s day comes, and when it comes, I will eat you. Manager asks him to leave. Balwinder asks him to give his salary and threatens to kill him. Manager asks someone to give his money. Balwinder says I want 1000 extra. Manager says ok. Balwinder gets Bobby’s call and he informs him that whom he is searching, is here. He says Rishi Oberoi is in Mahabaleshwar. Balwinder asks did you see him with your eyes. Bobby says yes and tells that he is in Cave hill resort. Balwinder says I didn’t know that his time will come so soon. He says Lakshmi had left me for Rishi, now the latter will leave his breath.

Lakshmi searches for Rishi and asks Neelam if he is with her. Neelam asks if he can’t stay with his family, will you snatch him from us. She says you are standing here, due to my mistake and says I agreed to that Pandit Badrinath and got my son married you. She says she is Neelam Oberoi and learnt to fight for the victory, amidst the difficult challenge and darkness. She says my son’s challenge and darkness is you, and tells that she will soon win and will make her away from him. Lakshmi says I know you are upset, but I didn’t really do anything. She says I thought you will get my son get rid of his markesh dosh, but you are my life’s biggest cheat. She says I thought you are diamond and will splash light in my son’s life, but you seems to be coal, says she will show her value and place to her. She says I will not let your blackness get on my son’s life. Lakshmi gets Pandit Badrinath’s call. She greets him. Pandit ji tells that he used to tell Neelam before hand, when the attack was about to happen with Rishi. He says don’t stay away from him, as today attack is going to happen on him. He says don’t stay 11 steps away from him. He asks her to save her husband and says he is doing puja for him. Lakshmi gets worried and says ok. She thinks I knew that something wrong is going to happen and wonders where is Rishi? She recalls hearing his voice coming from outside and thinks Rishi is there.

Rishi tells Juhi that there is no use to shout, and says they shall help themselves, and asks her to push the stone. He pushes the stone and asks her to push as well. They try and get tired, but the stone doesn’t move. Lakshmi comes out of the resort, recalls Pandit ji’s words. She thinks Rishi is here, my heart is saying he is here.

Juhi says Mamma will scold me. Rishi says I will talk to your Mamma and she will not scold you. He asks her to think about an idea. She gets an idea and tells Rishi that when Mamma wants to get some stuff from above, she lifts me. Rishi says you can’t reach even if I lift. He tries, but she can’t reach the hole from where she fell down. They shout for help together. Lakshmi hears their voice and comes there. She looks down the hole and finds Rishi and Juhi standing.

Rishi sees Lakshmi and calls her. Lakshmi asks what are you doing here? Juhi says he came to save me. Lakshmi gives her hand while Rishi lifts Juhi so that she can pulls her, but she herself falls down. The boys see Lakshmi falling and thinks they shall not tell anyone. Rishi asks lakshmi to get up and asks why did she fall? Lakshmi says her phone has fallen down, and says they shall search it. Their head collide. Rishi asks if she will tell about black dog bite. He says they shall rescue Juhi first. Lakshmi gets the phone and says you should have taken help from hotel staff or would have taken the help. She says she will call, but not Malishka. She then says sorry. Juhi asks who is Malishka. Malishka asks Kiran to come home. Kiran asks why? Malishka says Rishi is angry on me and took Lakshmi’s side even now, shouted that Lakshmi is his wife etc. She says if he don’t love her, then she won’t be his doormat. She says when he is mine, he shall think about me, but he is thinking about Lakshmi. She says she is done with him. Kiran asks are you doing break up with him. Malishka says no. Kiran asks her to win Rishi with her calmness and not to get angry on him. Malishka says Lakshmi will be out from his life in three months. Kiran says 3 months are much, and says if they get close, then nobody can separate them. She asks her not to bring her ego between them. Malishka promises that she won’t let Lakshmi win. Kiran says you shall tackle Lakshmi and I will tackle Rishi’s family. I won’t let her be bahu, and you don’t let her be Rishi’s wife. Juhi asks who is Malishka? Lakshmi says she is a friend who is not right. Rishi says if you will taught this thing to a girl. Lakshmi says she had called Police. Rishi says she had seen you adding something in the drink. Lakshmi goes far. He asks why she is going. Lakshmi says they shall not fight infront of kid. She asks him to tell her who is Malishka? Lakshmi recalls Pandit ji’s words.

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