Bhagya Lakshmi 24th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Ayush telling Shalu that if there is love then this engagement will not happen, but my heart and six sense is telling that this engagement will happen. Shalu says they are wrong and bad Ayush says I tried to make Rishi realize his love for Lakshmi and prayed for them to be happy and fall in love, but what was the use of those prayers. Shalu says your prayers fulfilled with Lakshmi. Ayush says Lakshmi should have told Rishi once, that she loves him. Shalu says she told. Ayush says she should have told more strongly. He asks her to come for couple dance. He announces the coupe dance and says Malishka and Rishi will dance first. He says Malishka is feeling shy and asks other couples to dance with them. A guy holds Lakshmi’s hand and takes her to dance. Rishi, Malishka, Lakshmi and others dance. Parvardigara….plays…As the partners change during dancing. Some other lady comes to Rishi. Malishka hurts her foot and goes off stage. Lakshmi comes to Rishi as the partners change again during dancing. Malishka is shocked. Rishi asks Lakshmi, how is she feeling to attend his engagement. He says you will feel good and asks her to enjoy until she wants. Lakshmi says even now, as this will be your last dance with me.

Balwinder’s friend comes there as the waiter and recognizes them. Neelam tells that Rishi and Malishka will be getting engaged twice, and says it is good that they will not get any bad sight. Rishi says you are not a good dancer, then says you are. Lakshmi says you are good, and asks if you have to break my heart, then why you was good to me. She cries and goes from there.

Balwinder’s friend Bobby calls him. Balwinder says I will give your money. Bobby says I didn’t call you for money, and says I got waiter’s job. He says he comes to Oberoi’s house in the party and was shocked. Balwinder says their son has died and asks if they don’t have shame. Bobby tells that Rishi is getting engaged and dancing with Lakshmi. He says he must be getting engaged to Lakshmi. Balwinder says I thought he died, and says tomorrow news will come that Rishi died, and I will not let Lakshmi get engaged, says he loves her one sided. He says I am coming there, and asks him to send his waiter’s clothes pic, so that he can get it stitched. Bobby asks him to come there in suit. Balwinder says he is coming to take Rishi’s life. He says I will be Rishi’s markesh dosh now.

Virender asks Lakshmi to stay there and see everything. He says you didn’t tell me anything and directly sent the divorce papers. He says I asked Rishi to ask you if you really signed. He asks her to tell this in court, so that you can get more money. Lakshmi thinks I have given a big pain, you still regards me as your daughter and I know you will support me. She says our relation is from before my relation is made with Rishi.

Rishi takes a wine and drink. Rano comes to Rishi and says you have to bear so much due to Lakshmi and has to drink too. She says she heard that the employees get good salary amount in his company and asks him if he can give a reception job to Neha. Rishi goes from there, comes back and asks her to send her resume. He says I used to drink from before, but I stopped drinking due to Lakshmi. Lakshmi comes and takes the glass from his hand. Rishi asks if she wants to do drama. He says you are unhappy with my engagement. Rano asks her to smile. Lakshmi says he don’t want me to smile. She asks waiters not to give drinks to Rishi. Rano thinks if they are separating or uniting, and fighting so much. She takes the snacks tray from waiter and thinks to eat it. Neelam calls pandit and asks him to come. She asks Malishka to come. Malishka tells Lakshmi that it is wonderful that she will see her ex husband’s engagement with someone. She says you have saved his life many times, but he don’t love you. Bani asks if you don’t want to get engaged, and asks if engagement is important or we are important. Malishka goes.

Rano asks since when you started talking. Bani says people forced me to say. Pandit ji comes and says lets begin. He asks Rishi to make Malishka wear the ring. Rishi tells Malishka that before making her wear the ring, he wants to ask her something. He asks her to react as if she has seen the ring for the first time, although they have bought it together. He opens the box. Malishka acts and says she has not seen such a nice ring. Bani asks Rano why she is upset. Rano says she is upset as Lakshmi is her niece and asks her not to accept defeat. Rishi is about to make her wear ring, but the ring falls down and rolls near Lakshmi. Malishka asks Bani to pick the ring. Bani refuses. Shalu also refuses. Malishka asks Rano to pick it. Rano says she has back pain. Rishi asks Lakshmi to pass the ring. Shalu says you are saying this. Lakshmi says now Rishi has said. She picks the ring and goes towards Rishi and Malishka. She is about to give the ring and then asks Rishi, why is he doing this. Rishi looks on.

Precap: Lakshmi tells Rishi that Malishka is nothing to her, but he is and asks who is she between our relation, nothing. Balwinder tells Bobby that he will not take risk this time. Shalu tells Ayush that she used to like him, but not anymore. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she feels many times, that he loves her. Rishi asks I…?He says I don’t love Lakshmi Bajwa and laughs. Malishka, Neelam and everyone present in the party laugh aloud. Lakshmi gets teary eyes.

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