Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Rishi is stunned to see Lakshmi coming. A song plays in the background. Everyone is surprised to see Lakshmi’s stunning and mesmerizing look. Lakshmi goes to Rishi and meets him. They recall their sweet moments. She congratulates him for the engagement. He asks her if she has come to break the engagement. She tells that she has come to get it done, because it won’t happen without her. He tells that its perfect. He doesn’t leave her hand when she moves, and goes lost in her eyes. Everyone finds Rishi’s unexpected behavior. Lakshmi asks Rishi to leave her hand. Rishi tells her that he doesn’t like anyone walking out without finishing the matter.

Ayush finds their chemistry building up again and gets glad. Lakshmi tells Rishi tat she understands what he means. He tells that the matter between them is over now and walks away. Rano, Shalu and Bani get to see Lakshmi. Bani tells that they shall go to the room. Lakshmi tells that she has to be here and witness the engagement because someone has asked her to witness the truth. Rano asks if Rishi told her to see the truth. Lakshmi tells that he has told the truth, she can now see the truth that he had been hiding. Lakshmi tells that she wants to be here for Rishi’s sake. Malishka is really happy when Rishi supports her. He tells that they have tolerated a lot, and now he will fix everything, he will get engaged and he will see if Lakshmi can stop him. Neelam and Karishma don’t know that Lakshmi had gone home.

Rishi tells them that Lakshmi had gone home, he has called her back to witness his engagement and not get any misunderstanding again. Malishka tells that Lakshmi shouldn’t been here. Rishi tells that he wants to prove to Lakshmi that she doesn’t matter to him. He tells Malishka that just she matters to him, just she is in his life. He wants to tell that he regrets his court mistake, he wants the entire family to know where his real happiness lies, he isn’t attached to Lakshmi by heart. He wants to unite with Malishka. He doesn’t want to tolerate anyone saying hurtful things to Malishka. He tells that Lakshmi can never claim that he cheated her, so she should attend the engagement. Malishka is happy and thinks he did right. Dadi and Ahana feel bad for Lakshmi.

Dadi asks Ahana why is she looking upset. Ahana asks her to promise that she won’t tell anyone. Dadi promises her. Ahana tells that she is feeling really bad for Lakshmi. Dadi tells that the engagement should happen, a person doesn’t know the value of anything until he/she feels the fears of losing it, the engagement will clear the things for Lakshmi and Rishi permanently. She wants Rishi and Lakshmi to unite. She is disappointed that Lakshmi wanted the divorce. Ahana wants to forget whatever happened. Rishi and Lakshmi get to see each other, and feel the same. Malishka finds Rishi and goes to him.

Rano irritates Neelam. Neelam insults her as a reply. She blames Rano for all their problems, that Lakshmi got married to Rishi. Rano wishes that Neha has become Oberois’ bahu. Malishka asks Shalu to see Lakshmi becoming a maid for the Oberois. She wants Shalu to see the engagement. Shalu insults her and defends Lakshmi. She reminds how the NGO ladies had blackened Malishka’s face. She tells that Rishi has saved Malishka from the humiliation. Malishka asks her if she wants to lecture her in anger, when she isn’t able to do anything to help Lakshmi. Shalu tells that Malishka has a good fate that Rishi is tolerating her. Malishka tells that he is tolerating Lakshmi, Rishi isn’t her Jiju, but a stranger, a rich man who is out of her reach.

She asks Shalu to know that she is responsible for this engagement, for breaking Lakshmi’s house. Bani asks Shalu did she do this that Malishka lectured her. Shalu feels guilty. She apologizes for her mistake. She tells that if they convince Ayush, then maybe Ayush will explain Rishi to back out from the engagement. Lakshmi greets Abhay with respect. He asks her not to behave like nothing changed between them. She tells that she still respects him as an elder. He tells her that Rishi is marrying Malishka. She replies that the marriage won’t happen till she is here. He asks her to leave Rishi and move on, there is nothing left for her. She tells that she was blessed with a good dad, but he passed away, but she is lucky to get another dad, Rishi’s dad, Virender.

She adds that she doesn’t want anything else. Virender hears her and gets emotional. Ayush avoids Shalu. She stops him. She asks him to help Lakshmi. She tells that Rishi and Lakshmi love each other. He blames Lakshmi for the divorce matter. She asks him to use his mind. He tells that the engagement won’t happen if Rishi loves Lakshmi. Virender tells Lakshmi that she said all these things to win his heart, but he is hurt by her actions of cheat. Abhay tells Lakshmi that nobody in the Oberois love her now. He advises her to leave the house as soon as possible, because Rishi is of Malishka, its no use to drag the marriage.

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