Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Krish and Ram discussing about Vedika. Ram says Shubham is Sid’s friend, we can track Shashi via Sid. Nandini says yes, Shubham can be involved. Ram says not now, I have a lead right now. Krish says for now, lets keep the circle tight. Ram says don’t talk to Vedika. Krish says alright, we won’t talk to her. ram asks them to have food. Shivi helps Priya in cooking. He says I decided what to cook in Alibagh. Priya says you may cut your finger, leave this. Shivi asks did you say Ram about my surprise. Priya says no, he will be glad. Ram comes and hears them. Shivi says Akki said that we jumped in the plan, maybe you and Ram wanted to go alone. Priya says nothing spoils when you are with Ram. Shivi hugs her. Ram thinks Priya didn’t get them in the Alibagh plan, I was mistaken. Priya gets hurt. She says such things happen in cooking, you don’t do cooking alone, call me. Shivi goes. Ram looks on.

Varun comes to meet Mahender and Shashi. Shashi taunts him. He says I explained Mahender that he should have not threatened Ishaan. Varun says its okay, Sara told me about the Alibagh trip. Shashi says I had hidden some share transfer papers there, Vedika and Ram’s dads planned to make my dad out of the company, my dad was smart, I had gone to the resort to hide the papers, bank was taking over the resort, I didn’t know that this case will reopen. Mahender asks does Ram’s family know about the papers. Shashi says no idea, but they can reach. Varun says no one will reach the papers before me, I m also invited in the Alibagh trip.

Ram cares for Priya. She says no need to say sorry, I can’t express my feelings like you, it doesn’t mean that I don’t realize it. He says let me apply this gel to your wound. She nods. He asks her to sit. He says you refused but I have to say sorry, I think of my family first and then myself. He applies the gel to her hand. She smiles. Tere mere saath ki….plays… Ram says my thinking doesn’t go beyond your memories, with whom shall I share these feelings, I want to feel selfish about you, I want to show my rights on you. Priya says you told me once that I can’t punish you for caring for me. Ram moves her hair off the face. Bade acchhe…plays…

He says I got a habit now, if I say the truth, whenever I see you, I remember that night, that accident night, you were in my arms, you weren’t saying anything, I realized that our marriage is not just a compromise. She says you didn’t say anything till now. Ram says you can say it. She says fan is spinning. They smile. She says I don’t want to disappoint you, there are many problems in life, but now you are there, so no problem looks big, I feel there is another chance. Ram says to spend more time with each other, then don’t feel disappointed. She says I think of Mahender, he knows about my happiness, if not sorrows, he comes to cast his bad eye, so I m scared that you will get tired of me. He says I m happy because of you, what are you saying, Shubham and Shivi are doing this because of you. She says if I count your favors, then the night will pass. He says it means the night will pass in talks. He throws the pillow away. They lie to sleep. Sachiyaan mohabbatan…. Plays… They hug and sleep.

Its morning, Ram and Priya come to meet Krish. She says Krish and I were not friends, he was popular, he was surrounded by pretty girls, I wasn’t pretty, why would he see me. The door opens. She calls out Krish. They enter the house. Krish greets him. He asks them not to fight. Krish says she doesn’t fight without a reason, what’s the reason today. She says nothing, we will talk about work. Krish says okay. He gives the documents to Ram. She says Sahil’s signs are fake on this. Ram asks how do you know. Krish says I told her that day at the bakery, you have to reach there. She says no one knows that we are going to meet him.

Krish asks Ram to use the mic and go that side, its sound proof. Ram goes. Priya says you can see the camera footage, you can hear us too. Krish says you said you were not pretty, you are beautiful. She says Ram makes me feel beautiful. Ram hears this and smiles. Krish asks Ram can you hear me. Ram says yes. Krish says perfect, come out.

Priya asks why do you call him Mr. Kapoor. Krish asks why, is it your copyright. She says yes. Krish says finally, we will get all our answers tomorrow.

Shashi asks why is Ram going there, I have an idea. Varun says we can invite Ram and Priya at Sood house. Ram and Priya enjoy in the party. Varun talks to Shashi. He sees Priya behind.

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