Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 19th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 19th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Nandini saying we shouldn’t get excited until the will gets final. Shubham says you did it mom. She says I did it. Shivi says I will make the food today. Priya and Ram say Sara will make the food, you take rest. Shivi says then I will make the food tomorrow. Ishaan says then I won’t have the food at home, I will protect myself, Priya had food poisoning because of her fusion cake. Shivi and Ishaan argue. She scolds him. He says you are so dumb, you don’t know that your recipe pages got mixed. Priya asks how do you know this. He says sorry. Shivi says you did this, I was feeling I m doing wrong, you are such a bad person. Ishaan says you are dumb. She shouts. Ram stops them. He asks Akki to calm down Shivi. He says its okay, it was good, I thought Priya is pregnant after that confusion, Priya and I won’t forget that day. Akki hugs Shivi. Ram says it was funny. Shivi says yes, thank God Priya isn’t pregnant, else everyone would have asked me for a baby. Ishaan says you are dumb, I know everything, like she doesn’t want babies, you also didn’t want me. He goes. Priya says I will talk to him. Ishaan says don’t scold me now. Priya says okay, but you said wrong. Ishaan says I know mum never wanted me.

Ram says Shivi you have spoiled everything, it was a special day for me. Akki asks what. Ram says Priya told I love you to me. They all smile. Ram says I thought to go for a romantic walk with her, but I m stuck here. Akki thinks its good I didn’t react hearing Shubham. Shivi says sorry, I didn’t know the day is so special for you. Sara says sorry. Priya says Sara would not think such a thing, I never lie, you know it. Ishaan asks then is dad lying. She thinks why would Varun say so. Ram comes. He asks Ishaan to come, Shivi wants to apologize. He surprises Ishaan by telling about the scholarship. Ishaan hugs him and says I won’t fight Shivi, promise. He goes. Ram says the day was strange. Priya says yes. Ram says I m making a will, because life has no guarantee. Priya asks why, I won’t let you go anywhere, I will also make a will, I will give my family to you, I want to protect them, none can protect them from Mahender except you. Ram says you stopped me from doing wrong, I will meet you at home in an hour. He leaves. He calls Adi and says I have to change the will and name everything to Priya, just Priya can fight the world and protect my family, if anything happens to me. Varun calls Priya and asks for his interview papers. She says I will give it to Sara. He asks her to meet him outside, come soon. She asks him to come to the bakery. She ends call and says I have to ask you, why did you say this to Ishaan about Sara. She reaches the bakery. She asks why did you tell this to Ishaan. Varun comes and asks all okay, Ishaan said he had a fight with Shivi, I will talk to him. She says I spoke to him, everything is fine. He says he never lies. She says he always tells the truth. He says he is my son. She says Sara’s son, and yours also.

He says yes, she loves him. She asks why does he think that Sara didn’t want to bring him in the world, he told this in anger. She asks why did you say this to Ishaan. Varun says Sara wanted to abort him. She says not by her wish, she was helpless, she got cheated by her lover, we had no way, we were alone, so she thought so, but she didn’t do this, because she is a mum, you told this against Sara. He says I didn’t tell him, maybe he heard Sara and me fighting. She says then you should clear things by talking to him. He says trust me, I will clear it, I m not a bad person, I did many adjustments in life for Sara and Ishaan, give me those papers. She gives the papers. It falls down. She says so sorry. They pick the papers. She sees the share transfer papers. Ram comes home. He asks about Akki and Shivi. Nandini says Meera would want them to stay in her house. He says you are right, I know you miss dad on his birthday, we know dad wasn’t wrong, all thanks to Priya, I have planned something special, I m going to register my will. She says its because of me, right. He says no, just read the will. She says Adi got the rough draft and I asked Tarun to keep the file in the room. Ram asks Tarun to get it. She thinks I already read the will. He says I changed the will, I had to ensure that nobody snatches anything from you, you have the right on everything, I named everything to Priya, I have given everything to you but Priya will be the custodian. She gets shocked. Priya thinks Shashi made his man steal these papers, it means Varun is that man, I should inform Ram about this. Ram gets her call. He says mom, I know you would find this sudden, I have thought well, this is in the best interests of the family. Nandini says you named everything to Priya.

Priya confronts Varun and says you lied, you went to steal these argument papers. Nandini says we will live on Priya’s pity. Ram says Priya will take my place.

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