Android is quite possibly of the most well known portable working framework on the planet, and for good explanation. It offers a plenty of elements and customization options that make it a flexible and strong stage. In any case, did you had at least some idea that there are many secret highlights in Android that most clients know nothing about? In this blog entry, we will investigate 10 secret Android includes that you want to attempt.

Multi-Window Mode
Multi-Window Mode permits you to utilize two applications all the while on your screen. To enact this element, tap and hold the new applications button and select the application you need to open in split-screen mode.

Quick Settings Tiles
Quick Settings Tiles permit you to quickly get to as often as possible utilized settings. You can modify which tiles are shown and in what request. To alter Quick Settings Tiles, swipe down twice from the highest point of the screen, then, at that point, tap the pencil symbol.

Google Assistant Routines
Google Assistant Routines permit you to make custom voice orders that play out multiple activities without a moment’s delay. For instance, you can make an everyday practice to turn on your lights and play your #1 music by saying, “Alright Google, Hello.”

Screen Recording
Android has an inherent screen recording highlight that permits you to record your screen action. To actuate this element, add the Screen Record tile to your Quick Settings Tiles and tap on it when you need to begin recording.

Notification Dots
Notification Dots are little dots that show up on application symbols when you have uninitiated notifications. You can long-push on the application symbol to see a review of the notification.

Smart Lock
Smart Lock permits you to unlock your telephone naturally in specific circumstances, for example, when it’s associated with a confided in Bluetooth gadget or when you’re in a confided in location. To set up Smart Lock, go to Settings > Security and location > Smart Lock.

Lockdown Mode
Lockdown Mode cripples biometric unlocking techniques, like fingerprint or face acknowledgment, and expects you to enter your PIN, example, or secret phrase to unlock your telephone. To actuate Lockdown Mode, go to Settings > Security and location > Lock screen preferences.

Developer Options
Developer Options is a secret menu that gives progressed settings to developers and power clients. To actuate Developer Options, go to Settings > About telephone > Construct number and tap on it multiple times.

Invert Colors
Inverting colors can be valuable for individuals with visual weaknesses or for lessening eye strain in low-light circumstances. To initiate this element, go to Settings > Availability > Show > Variety reversal.

Part Wi-Fi and Versatile Information
Part Wi-Fi and Portable Information permits you to utilize both Wi-Fi and versatile information simultaneously. This can be valuable in regions with patchy Wi-Fi inclusion. To enact this element, go to Settings > Network and internet > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi preferences.

All in all, Android is an element rich working framework with many secret highlights that can upgrade your client experience. By evaluating these 10 secret Android highlights, you can capitalize on your Android gadget.

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